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October 2021 - WikiTree updates continue.
DNA page update.

October 2021 - American Rushings database being transferred to WikiTree and updated. 100 names added every month. Help fill in the stories of your family.
Wiltshire & Leicestershire Rushens already transferred, Essex being uploaded now..

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The Rushen Trail, Suffolk to Essex, 1593 - 1775.
Rushing in America.


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You could belong to the Essex/Suffolk group or even the London branch.

The Rushen Trail, Suffolk to Essex, 1593 - 1775.

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Rushen's in Australia, Barbados, South America & South Africa.

   Rushen's & Rushin's in the USA.   

   Rushing to America     

Rushen's at the Old Bailey     "Cops and Robbers"

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